Tuesday, December 2, 2014

how to dress upper waist

heeeeeeyyyy im back with more tips

hello i'm back.., guess who's gonna dress you up. 
  1. Alright first you need t find good jackets like those with buttons.
  2. Then find a good matching scarf that looks great with it.
  3. Put a nice dress shirt on put the jacket on top and put the scarf on.
  4. First you fold it in half then put it on your neck.
  5. Then put the end with the loose side and put it through the scarf

    then you'll look fly.Well thats it good luck !!!

    P.S. You can buy ever thing that i wear at H&M, Express, and other places you think is cool see

    you next time.pimps!!!

    Your main pimp

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