Thursday, October 9, 2014

Classy Nail Design

    We all want to have amazing nails we just have to go to the salon and get them done. But seriously who has time for that? I'm booked all week. So here's a design that's classy, pretty and super easy. And I know that I have time for easy! And when I think Class I think Black and White! So the nail design I will be showing you today is...................called.....................Essie Liquorice & Blanc!!!!!! It      looks a little something like this.    This amazing look is super easy all you need will be a large and small dotting tool and black and white nail polish. Now your ready to start your fantastic design. 
      Start off with a coat of white nail polish on all of your nails except your fourth nail do that one black. Next let them dry and do a top coat. Then, get your big dotting tool and do some big dots on the top of your nails. Then, get your smaller dotting tool and keeping making dots.  Now finish it off with a top coat and you have a fantastic design. 

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