Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fashion Hair
Hey all of you people, are you struggling with your hair either because its filled with split ends or is it that you dont know how to do your hair for certain occasions? Well, here I am going to tell you some beautiful hair styles for you to do every day and awesome tips for how to keeping your hair poist and just right!
Girls: Well, to start off, some beautiful hair styles to do for an occasion like a party, school, etc., is a curly hair style or if you don't feel like having crazy pretty curls you can do something more like straight hair. In order to get curly hair, start off with a curling iron. I recomend a "wand" ( a type of curling iron) ,if you want your curls to look natural.And make sure you put spray in order for them to stay. For strait hair, you will need a hair straightener in order to make your hair straight. If you don't feel like burning your hair, you can always do a braid. There are all sorts of braid styles like dutch, french, three strang,waterfall, twist, lace, fishtail, etc. With these hair styles, you will look amazing! :)

Healthy Hair: In order to keep your hair moist and just right, you need to take care of your hair. Try to not burn your hair much because that causes split ends. Trust me, its not pretty having split ends! Anyways, there are many products in order to keep your hair healthy like shampoos' that keep your hair shiny and healthy and one type of shampoo is the L'Oreal that says "anti-breakage," "strengthening". There are other probucts that can be used in your hair to stay healthy and beautiful as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


           How to rock your socks part 2

yo the guy that knows about socks is back and for more tips on how to rock those socks !!!!so what you want to do is go to the store and buy the coolest socks you can find. you can like wear it with anything shorts pants anything its really doesn't matter its all about showing them  off !!!good luck on rocking your socks!!see you next time

how to dress upper waist

heeeeeeyyyy im back with more tips

hello i'm back.., guess who's gonna dress you up. 
  1. Alright first you need t find good jackets like those with buttons.
  2. Then find a good matching scarf that looks great with it.
  3. Put a nice dress shirt on put the jacket on top and put the scarf on.
  4. First you fold it in half then put it on your neck.
  5. Then put the end with the loose side and put it through the scarf

    then you'll look fly.Well thats it good luck !!!

    P.S. You can buy ever thing that i wear at H&M, Express, and other places you think is cool see

    you next time.pimps!!!

    Your main pimp

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Classy Nail Design

    We all want to have amazing nails we just have to go to the salon and get them done. But seriously who has time for that? I'm booked all week. So here's a design that's classy, pretty and super easy. And I know that I have time for easy! And when I think Class I think Black and White! So the nail design I will be showing you today is...................called.....................Essie Liquorice & Blanc!!!!!! It      looks a little something like this.    This amazing look is super easy all you need will be a large and small dotting tool and black and white nail polish. Now your ready to start your fantastic design. 
      Start off with a coat of white nail polish on all of your nails except your fourth nail do that one black. Next let them dry and do a top coat. Then, get your big dotting tool and do some big dots on the top of your nails. Then, get your smaller dotting tool and keeping making dots.  Now finish it off with a top coat and you have a fantastic design. 

Outfit Of The Day


             Starting the day is crazy! So many things going on whether you're going to school or even going to work your outfit is always important. Not just because of judgement but because, everything you wear is based on how your day is going. If you woke up late then your outfit will probably be sweat pants or leggings. Something more lose or not very elegant. If you wake up with lots of time then your outfit will probably be nice and it will look more appropriate. The outfit needs to be put together in a good way. For example, if your wearing leggings then boots and a long cardigan. 

Fit For Fashion

    We all think that being slender is very important, and wanting to have a good figure is as tantamount as wanting to be fit.

    Hey guys, in this blog post you will figure out some way that you can be fit for fashion because having the right body for the right outfit is important to look good!

            We have all done exercises in our life and some enjoy exercising, but some others don't. Well, some exercises that you can do to be fit is to work out your abs, butt, arms, and legs. It is important to exercise all these parts to be fashionable in life.
  • abs- sit ups, push ups, planks
  • butt- squats
  • arms- push ups
  • legs- high knees
  • etc.....
  • veggies, fruit, salads, ect.
    It is important to be fit in fashion because not having the right body is not looking good!
                                                                   "Stay beautiful"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hello guys this is my first post and I am going to be talking about how to wear accessories.
          Having accessories is the best! Its also really nice to were accessories. My first thing I am going to talk about is bows, when ever ya want to wear bows wear them with the color outfit you are wearing and it will look fabulous. Also, also you might not want to match everything for example it can be a colored bow like pink and  a white shirt and blue jeans. So try not to match all they way just some parts of your outfit.
       My other tip for you is going to be about how to wear earrings and necklaces. You would like to wear earrings and necklaces like the same so it can be your earrings and necklaces the same as your outfit.Thanks!!!!!!!!